Bride preparation as one of my favourite parts of wedding photography

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Wedding photography is so much more than just a simple job, it’s a great opportunity to connect with two people that love each other very much and which want to connect themselves for the rest of their life.

For me, as Wedding Photographer Birmingham, one of the favourite parts of any wedding is definitely the bride preparation process. I find it very interesting mainly because it’s the first time when I get to truly connect with the bride, understand her and, at the same time, I also have the opportunity to take some impressive, amazing pictures that she will have with her for a lifetime, which is amazing!Rebecca and Richard's wedding Edgbaston 008

It’s nice to see a day when people are overrun by emotions, because it clearly showcases the uniqueness of us humans and the wonderful opportunities that arise in this type of situation. You do need to remember that a wedding is always about life, emotions and that’s what makes me love the bride preparation process, because I get to be as close as possible to the soon to be wife, sharing her emotions and helping her get past them in order to obtain the best experience during the wedding process. How to hire the best Wedding_Photographer 001 Aside from the bride, I also have the opportunity to get the bridesmaids in action, which is a very interesting moment to say the least. I manage to capture them in the pictures as well, alongside the bride and I also get the opportunity to understanding and fully immerse myself in the wonderful wedding atmosphere, something that’s one of a kind and very impressive to say the least. With the help of a stellar preparation process, the wedding can literally be taken to the next level, and my Birmingham Wedding Photography process does fit right in for sure. Wedding Photographer Birmingham Edgbaston 230 Another great thing that I love to capture is definitely comprised out of those intimate moments between the bride and her family, which are one of a kind and definitely very interesting. It’s a massive pleasure to explore the amazing opportunities brought in by the bride preparation process, and witnessing them firsthand makes the entire experience even cooler and definitely a ton of fun, which is something I enjoy. Diane-and-Nevil's-Wedding-Leicester--179 Aside from shooting her getting ready, I am also shooting some other detail shots like the engagement rings wedding shoes, invitations, decorations, flowers, and dress, everything that comprises the wedding preparation process. Nothing is at random here, instead everything is very important and has to be planned up to the last detail because the bride does need to have an amazing experience, this is the thing that matters the most for her and me as well. Wedding Photographer Birmingham Edgbaston I love weddings and the way people share their feelings without being afraid of doing so. It’s the power of love that amazes me and always helps me understand the uniqueness of weddings and that’s what makes my job so interesting, the fact that I always manage to learn more about people and be with them in the moments that matter the most in their life.

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