An Amazing African Wedding in Worcester

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This wedding photography season I was opening with so wonderful ceremony at St Barnabas Church Centre on Erdington, Birmingham. It was my first time working in that church, despite the fact I live in neighbourhood, and it was such amazing experience! I was lucky enough to snap some photos of the interiors before all the guests arrived. When bride and groom have shown, they were greeted with lots of enthusiasm and loud cheer from their families and friends. The wedding ceremony was classy and beautiful, Cecilia looked so amazing in her dress and you could say that by watching the groom reaction when he seen her for the first time. They looked at each other so romantically; everyone could say how much of a true love they have in their hearts. This is what makes me so happy as wedding photographer; if the true feelings are present all the wedding photographs are coming ...

Surlender and Richard’s Wedding Ramada Park Hall Hotel Wolverhampton

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Photographing people in love, during their big day is an amazing experience for wedding photographer. Especially if the event takes place in a beautiful location like this gorgeous hotel in Wolverhampton. Ramada Park Hall Hotel is just perfect for wedding parties, I can recommend this place to anyone looking for wedding reception in midlands area. My first impression after I have approached its gates was so positive! I couldn't stop myself for taking a few shoots of the building and gardens before I have meet the bride in her beautiful hotel room where she was getting ready with her bridesmaids. We had about an hour for documenting bride's preparation on photographs. The interiors of her hotel room were ideal: incredible furniture, large windows giving perfect light, colourful flowers and decorations were all creating an amazing integrity. The ceremony took place outdoor, in the hotel rear gardens. We were so lucky to have ...

Wedding Photographer Birmingham Digbeth 1133

Beautiful Asian Wedding in The Heart of Birmingham City

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One of the most beautiful things about being a photographer is the fact that I am exploring so many different cultures. I am attending weddings of all the world traditions and have that unique chance to document amazing ceremonies and original rituals carried out by people from all around our planet. Recently I was photographing a wedding of Nafisa and Saeed which took place near the centre of Birmingham City. The event location was situated in Digbeth Hall, and as every Asian wedding, was full of vibrant colours and beautiful decorations. That fact would be always very attractive for photographer. I am able to create very effective pictures with use of variety of colours. I am not saying that white dress wedding pictures are dull, not at all, just to be clear. Carefully observing and studying the traditional wedding rituals is a key for a photographer in achieving satisfactory results. I have ...

Bride preparation as one of my favourite parts of wedding photography

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Wedding photography is so much more than just a simple job, it's a great opportunity to connect with two people that love each other very much and which want to connect themselves for the rest of their life. For me, as Wedding Photographer Birmingham, one of the favourite parts of any wedding is definitely the bride preparation process. I find it very interesting mainly because it's the first time when I get to truly connect with the bride, understand her and, at the same time, I also have the opportunity to take some impressive, amazing pictures that she will have with her for a lifetime, which is amazing! It's nice to see a day when people are overrun by emotions, because it clearly showcases the uniqueness of us humans and the wonderful opportunities that arise in this type of situation. You do need to remember that a wedding is always about life, ...

The entire process of booking a wedding

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Birmingham Wedding Photographer Having a wedding can be an amazing experience, but at the same time it does require you to go through a lot of stress, planning and other similar things. Still, it's an amazing experience as long as you prepare beforehand, and this is why we are here to help you. We have created a list of services that you need to book right now, services that will provide you with a great time during your wedding and which are indeed needed in order to obtain the best experience. Reception venues If you want to get the best experience during your wedding, then you obviously need to have a great venue. Reception venues are many times one of the most expensive services you have to acquire, but do remember that these are necessary if you want to have an amazing experience with your wedding. Sure, it does take a while to ...

Wedding Photographer Leicester 1374

Diane and Nevil’s Wedding Leicester

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Weddings give immortal recollections, and everybody would concur that the best wedding photojournalism ought to do likewise. All things considered, it's just fitting that a standout amongst the most essential days throughout somebody's life ought to be saved for forever with symbolism that will dependably be sincerely and outwardly thunderous to its viewers. It all started with a boom as Diane weds Nevin in Leicester, UK and both will now going to shift in Australia as Nevin moved there some time ago. At first, I went straight to the bride’s house to capture the preparation moments for her wedding with Nevin. The marriage photography toward the beginning of the day is presumably the most cozy you will get at the wedding, an exceptionally private time for the lady so be respectful and proficient at all times. I had a full, confused house with folks, siblings, sisters and the marriage party all fluttering ...

Wedding Photographer Birmingham Harborne 1037

Kerry and William’s Wedding Harborne

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One of the best things about the Birmingham Wedding Photography is the fact that I always get to meet new, amazing people, and that was the exact case of Kerry and William, whose wedding took place in Harborne. In the case of Kerry and William, they  managed to enrich the experienced by taking a few pictures at their own places, which was a great bonding experience with me and them, as I got to know them as real persons, and I had a blast in doing so. This was a great Birmingham Wedding Photographer experience for me, because they were so warm, welcoming and a lot of fun to work with. Once we managed to finish this first, introductory experience, we moved onwards to the ceremony, which took place at the St Lorens Faith Church in the city. Aside from the normal pictures taken during the ceremony, the couple also wanted a ...

Julia and Orest's engagement anniversary 158

Julia and Orest’s engagement anniversary photoshoot

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One of the latest events that I had the pleasure to attend recently was the engagement anniversary photo shoot of Julia and Orest! They celebrated one year after this amazing event, so obviously they needed a professional Birmingham Wedding Photographer and contacted me right away. It was my pleasure to help them remember one of the most important days in their life! Right off the bat, I had a close connection to Orest because he is one of the friends I had in Poland, and I was very happy to hear that he got engaged with the beautiful Julia. The photo shoot requested all my Wedding Photographer Birmingham skills because they wanted something a little different than what you can find in the usual photo shoots nowadays! They visited me from Bristol and the Wedding Photographer West Midlands photo session took place right in the Birmingham city center, more specifically near the ...

How to hire the best Wedding_Photographer 001

How to hire the best Wedding Photographer

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Weddings are indeed the most important events in our lives, so we do need to find a good, professional Birmingham Wedding Photographer if we want to get the best experience. But with so many out there, how can we find the best one to suit our needs? Let’s find out! Find the style you want There are multiple styles of wedding photography, and most photographers tend to settle on a specific one. Some persons opt for documentary-styled weddings, others want portraiture and others tend to like fine art. It’s up to you to actually select the style you want, and rest assured that the experience will be extraordinary in the end. Read reviews A good idea is to go online and check for reviews. It’s very easy to see which ones offer the best values best on those persons that hired them previously. The photographers with the highest ratings are, obviously, the best choice ...

6 reasons to book a Professional Wedding Photographer

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If you are preparing for your wedding, then one of the things you need to think about is hiring a good, professional  Wedding Photographer Birmingham this is a very important thing. Sure, some might think that hiring an amateur will be cheaper, but in the end there are way more benefits that come with using a professional Wedding Photographer and here you will be able to find about the most important ones. 1. Higher quality, professional photos One of the main benefits that come from working with a reliable Wedding Photographer West Midlands is that he will provide you with a better quality. Amateurs tend to take pictures at any time, how they can, but a professional will carefully direct the picture, find a perfect background and take into account all those small details. In the end, what you get is an amazing experience and better images, which you will cherish your entire ...