Rebecca and Richard's wedding Edgbaston

Rebecca and Richard’s wedding in Edgbaston

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A few weeks ago I had a great pleasure to be invited for wedding of Rebecca and Richard. I have used the word 'invited' in purpose, as I was feeling there as one of guests! The venue they have chosen for celebrating their big day was already known to me; I was shooting in Plough and Harrow Hotel in Birmingham before. The place is situated near Birmingham City Centre and offers complete packages include hotel rooms, ceremony and reception, everything without need for living the building. However, we were very lucky to have beautiful weather on the day so I was insisting to spend time outside, as much time as it was possible. After the ceremony I wanted to complete one of the most important part of pictures, and as Wedding Photographer Birmingham I would say it is location photoshoot. Some of weddings have very tide time schedule and couples want ...

Best 5 Wedding Venues in Birmingham

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Organising wedding party may be a very hard and time consuming task for couples who decided to spend the rest of their life together. Yes, the whole process is very exciting, especially for brides, usually they are planning the big day before they even meet that one and only... From experience gained working as Birmingham Wedding Photographer  I know that to plan everything, book all the services, flowers, catering, band or DJ and obviously best wedding photographer is not an easy job. Choosing best wedding venue Birmingham One of the most important decisions engaged couples have to make is choosing the venue for their wedding reception. And believe me this choice affects the whole final appearance of the day. For example, the perfect place must be nice and romantic, full of antique furniture and that unique vintage atmosphere. But at the same time it has to be safe and comfortable for wedding guests. ...

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Klaudia & Pawel’s engagement photo shoot in Birmingham

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Engagement photo shoot is in my opinion very well allocated time and money in the whole wedding photography package. Yes, the ceremony, the first dance, the rings exchange and that epic first kiss are essentials to find right place in the wedding album. However, for the couple, those  moments spent together and in far distance from the whole fuss about the big day are priceless. When people getting married it is all about their love, they want the photographer to capture all the emotional and unique moments and freeze their feelings to each other on beautiful wedding pictures. Planning for an engagement photo session seems to be a great idea in achieving a complete wedding album, a beautiful story about what is the most important in the marriage tradition, the bride and groom's love. Last week I had a great pleasure to photograph Klaudia and Pawel, a young couple getting married ...

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Fitness Photography Blog – Magdalena Gregorczyk

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Fitness Personal Trainer Magdalena Gregorczyk - photoshoot at LifeStyleFitness Club Despite the fact I am a Wedding Photographer Birmingham and most of my work presents couples during their big day, where there is plenty of love, cosy atmosphere and colourful flowers, I do fancy something totally opposite at time to time. One of those other photo-addictions is fitness and body-building photography which I am currently experimenting with.   The photo-session I was lucky to shoot last week was for both of us, me and Magda, a kind of introduction to fitness photography. Magda currently starting her carrier as a trainer and model, and for me it was first time shooting a female athlete and second time shooting in the gym. It wasn't easy to complete the plan for this shoot, first, it was only one power socket for the whole gym available and second, harsh sun was shining through the windows. Fortunately after a ...

Fitness and Bodybuilding Photography Blog

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MMA Fighter/Bodybuilder Photoshoot A few weeks ago I found my friend and classmate Artur Gluchowski has signed contract with British Mix Martial Arts Federation BAMMA. Despite the fact I knew Artur is MMA fighter, it was a big surprise for me to see him actually chosen to continue his career here, on the Islands. My first thought was to speak to him and ask for all the details. After 20min of phone conversation we have arranged for our photo session at the gym he trains in Manchester. At the day we met I was very excited as it was my first time photographing bodybuilder and fighter, also fitness and bodybuilding photography was something I always wanted to try!   [caption id="attachment_774" align="aligncenter" width="1001"] [1] Artur Gluchowski MMA fighter[/caption] It was a great pleasure to see my friend after that long time, especially to see him so happy about being successful in what was his passion for the whole life. I can remember that Artur had always hearth ...

Location Wedding Photoshoot Birmingham

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Choosing a location for wedding photoshoot in Birmingham       If you ever wondered what place to choose for wedding location photoshoot in Birmingham, I would definitely recommend Cannon Hill Park.  It is situated in the heart of the city covering 250 acres consisting of formal, conservation, and woodland. In the spring and summer the park is filled with variation of colourful plants and flowers. Especially I love cherry blossom trees which you can find plenty of in the park. The branches of those trees hang quite low and you can allocate the couple under those for nice composition and colouring.  Autumn would do as good with brownish and reddish coloured leaves, making perfect background for charming location photoshoot.   [caption id="attachment_308" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] [1] on weekends you can meet movie stars in the park[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_350" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] [2] blossom cherry tree[/caption]  Why booking a separate location wedding photoshoot pays off ?      Last ...